I found a great new way to haul my equipment when diving or metal detecting.  I thought I would share this with y'all.

Here is link to YouTube Video!

  • Glides Smoothly over Sand: Equipped with four big 13" diameter, 8″ wide polyurethane balloon wheels to transport your beach gear with ease over sand or other terrains and make less noise; Includes a pump
  • 250 lbs Load Capacity: Has a sufficient weight capacity to carry your beach gear, coolers, umbrellas, chairs, and other essentials; features an interior storage space measuring 35" L x 19" W x 12.5" H, with two cup holders
  • Enhanced Stability Design: Position the front wheels on either side and the rear wheels toward the outer edges of the wagon to increase the track width (the distance between the left and right wheels on the same axle) and distribute the load over a larger area
  • Easy to Store: The folding wagon folds easily, and you can take big balloon wheels off with quick-release pins for easy storage if necessary
  • User Friendly: Front wheels swivel for easy maneuvering, the telescopic handle locks and extends from 35 to 44 inches in height to accommodate users of different heights, even tall people can comfortably control it
Crestwalker Beach Wagon