We had a great meeting in January and a large attendance to go along with it.
Tom Ashworth had an hour, as it ended up, talk and demonstration on the basics of how metal detectors work which I’m sure helped everyone in attendance. That’s why it went over an hour. Thanks Tom and get ready to repeat it down the road.
Our February meeting is going to be a little different in we will have our regular meeting and raffle. Then, as many as can will meet at the John Kuykendall Center in Llano after lunch on your own about 1:00 pm to metal detect the staging area of the arena and the parking area behind it. If it is wet we have plenty of inside Detecting area or if nice weather we have a bunch of area. The center has had a lot of activity in the past month and should be good for the pickens. We will not have a January outing as this will be for for both months.


We would like to ask the members if they would like to have a talk at one of our meetings on gold prospecting?  If you would like information on gold prospecting both with metal detectors and panning etc.  Please answer on this site or let us know at the meeting.  

Hope everyone is staying warm at this time and getting ready for the warm spring.
Don’t forget about the event at the John Kuykendall Center in March. We need all the volunteers we can get to help in our booth, not much work but talking. Llano Treasure Show

Once again. Let us know your thoughts.