Hey folks.   Last Friday I returned to the Llano County Park where I did what I am calling my final sweep over the exposed swimming area.   While I did find a fair amount of coins this time, I had to cover a larger area to find less coins and I did not recover any jewelry this time.  I recovered 4 quarters, 4 dimes, 1 nickel, 20 pennies, a screw, and a variety of fishing weights and spoons.  I suspect one of the pennies is a wheat but I will not know for sure until I finish cleaning the coins.  The tumbler is rolling as I type this.   Anyway I think this will be my last trip to this location for a while.

Then on Sunday I went back to the area around the band hall of the Llano Junior High School.  Remember I recently found one silver ring and one copper ring in this area.  This time, all I recovered was 2 quarters, 3 dimes, 14 pennies, a copper tubing connector, an aluminum spacer, 2 nails, and a lump of lead slag.
I hope that everyone has a very merry (and safe) Christmas and New Year.   I will tell you that Tom Ashworth is putting together a website for our club.   It is still in progress but what has been put together is impressive in my opinion.  I look forward to being able to provide everyone with the website to get the entire club's thumbs up or thumbs down on the decision to launch the website on the Net.
As usual if you have any questions or comments on any topic feel free to contact me by email or by phone, 936-334-7902.   If you have a place you want to take the detector and want a hunt partner give me a call.