Hey folks. As you can see, I have set up a club email address. Let me know what you think.

Love Aly RingAnyway, I have been rather busy, and it is going great. On Saturday the 26th, I returned to the county park in Buchanan and recovered five quarters, two dimes, 10 pennies, odds and ends trash, and three rings. One of the rings is an obvious costume. However, the other two rings are STERLING SILVER. I have attached photos of the silver rings as they were found highly tarnished and how they look once cleaned. The solid band that says "True Love Waits" on the outside obviously must have an interesting story as inside the band is inscribed "Aly 12 25 09," which suggests it was a Christmas present. What does the outside message mean? Is it young love where the couple is too young to make a permanent commitment? Is the guy about to go into the military? If it can only talk.

Just to let you know, on a previous trip, I found a thin ring that rang up as silver, but I could not find any markings. Well, I also cleaned that one, and there is no doubt it is silver. Mexican silver, which I am told is generally made from silver that is melted down (either old/broken jewelry or silverware) and has more alloy, so it can not be classified as sterling.

Then yesterday, the 29th, I returned to the park and recovered six quarters, four dimes, 10 pennies, and another RING. This one, however, is a costume and is made from aluminum.

Remember, our next official club meeting is January 5, 2023, beginning at 5:30 p.m. in the small meeting room of the Kingsland Library (enter on the Davis Street side). If you have been out-detecting, please bring some interesting finds for show and tell. Also, so that you know, our annual dues of $10 will be due. Licenses can be paid in person, cash, or by check payable to Gary Goolsby. If you want to pay dues by mail, send your check to Gary Goolsby, 833 Lookout Mountain, Kingsland, TX 78639. Remember, if you pay by check, write "2023 MD Club Dues" in the Memo portion at the lower left of your review.

Well, time to wrap it up for the day. Until next time have fun and stay safe.