The Best Little Texas Treasure Show is history. We really had a great time and if you missed it you missed Gypsy Jewels, W C Jameson and our own Tom Ashworth giving great seminars along with a lot of vendors and clubs there.

Our next meeting is April 6 at 10:00 am in the main meeting room at the Kingsland Library. We are in for a treat  as W C Jameson will be our next speaker at that meeting. You can go online for his full bio, but, he is a treasure hunter who is in the National Treasure Hunter Hall of Fame, has been on many TV documentaries and was a commentator in the first several TV Beyond Oak Island series, the main advisor on the movie National Treasures. Award winning author of his own book series on Treasure hunting and other books. If you have one of his books and would like it signed bring it. He is one of the ones that found treasures and will share how YOU can find treasure with or without a detector. Bring your family, friends and whoever for a great talk. Plus, our raffle. This for members and non-members, that we hope will become members.