Just a reminder of our meeting February 3 at 10:00 at the big room of the Kingsland library.  We will have meeting and then a continuation of Tom Ashworth giving us instructions on how to set up our detectors for objects we are looking for, soil types that requires different settings, and a host of other need to know settings to get the most out of our detectors.  Tom in his last presentation did an excellent job in explaining the different settings in our detectors.  Now to tune them to what we are most looking for and environments we will be using them at. The weather is about to get perfect for getting outside so come finish getting prepared to detect. Invite your detecting buddies for this.

If you have not paid you dues remember this year dues are $15.00 per person and you can pay yours dues on our web site or at the meeting.

We have beefed up our raffle with the chance to win a silver, not clad, half dollar coin in every months drawing plus other raffle items. And, remember all of the raffles tickets you buy at the meetings put your name and phone number on them for the big raffle prize drawing at our annual Christmas party in December.  If you have any items to donate to the raffle please bring them.

We will have a booth at the Llano, Best Little Texas Treasure Show, (texastreaureshow.com) March 23-24, 2024 at the John Kuykendall Center and are looking for volunteers for both days.  If you can help please let us know.  What will you be doing you ask???  Just sitting there talking to people as they come by the booth and hand out forms and take money for our raffle and then walk around and see all the other booths there.  Not bad.

After the meeting February 3, will be meeting at the John Kuykendall Center in Llano off of Ranch Road 152.  proper address is: 2200 West Ranch Road 152.  We will meet in the back of the arena area and rain or shine, it has a roof, we have a big area to detect and there has been a lot of activity around that place lately that has bound to have left some items for us to find.  We will meet at around 1:00. 

I think that is about all for now.  Remember you can go to the web site and contact any of us through email or email me at etheiss@verizon.net.